How To Use SEOquake For Free [2023]


how to use seoquake

How to use seoquake? Seoquake is a world-famous SEO extension for website analysis. With its help, they conduct an SEO audit and analyze internal and external links. It allows you to observe significant SEO indicators of any page. This extension consists of a set of tools that help in solving search engine optimization problems.

Seoquake is a browser add-on that allows you to instantly conduct an SEO analysis of your site. This extension is constantly being improved, so it requires periodic updates. The Seoquake plugin is very easy to install and does not require any special knowledge to use.

A modern webmaster is obliged to use the help of such a tool. This plug-in analyzes the site efficiently and quickly, it is multifunctional. Basically, webmasters do not use all the functions of this extension, but use several, depending on the situation.

Programmers often use this plugin to define:

  1. The page or site rating;
  2. How many and which sites link to a particular site or page (competitors);
  3. The term, and age of the site (which is very welcome by search engines);
  4. Using the plugin, you can determine who is the creator of the domain;
  5. Information content of internal and external links of the page and site that automatically go from your site;
  6. With the help of Seoquake, there is a quick search for links left on the site or page illegally, without your permission, that is, “scorched” links;
  7. Allows you to analyze the density of keywords.

Dwelling on the last point, I would like to note that every webmaster or programmer without fail uses this analysis. Thanks to it, it is possible to analyze competitor data with your data. A very popular plugin.This SEO analysis allows you to see all the parameters of the site you are viewing. Seoquake can be used in two ways:

  1. Shown at the top of the page (SeoBar);
  2. On the control panel (SeoToolBar).

SeoBar is an additional panel located in the upper corner of the browser, where the main functions of the plugin are displayed, which can be changed and configured. With the provided tools, you can distribute and rearrange the results. You can also draw up diagrams and reports on the analysis of a page or site.

A more convenient and popular option is on the SeoToolBar control panel. This plugin helps developers get the information they need from any website. You can get the maximum amount of positive results from using the plugin. It is simple but very useful and full of little-known information. Having started to apply it in practice, note many advantages: discoveries, and answers to questions that have long been of interest, will be found while using the plugin. To analyze the site using Seoquake, you need to apply the “Diagnosis” item, 5 analyzed items appear.

Let’s analyze each of them:

how to use seoquake

  1. URL – indicates a link to the page (if checked, it means approved by search engines);
  2. Title – the name of the page (if checked, it means approved by search engines);
  3. Description – a brief description of the site (to get the approval of search engines, you must have a text of 150 characters);
  4. Keywords – words-keys (for the approval of search engines 130 characters);

Headings – headings (for the approval of search engines: H1 – no more than two words; H2 – from 1 to 6 words; H3 – from 1 to 6 words).

By the way, an important tip: in order not to block IP, turn off all search engine analyzers. Turn them on only when you need to analyze sites in the TOP.

After installing Seoquake, take the time to customize this system for yourself, and select the main functions that you will use most often. Set a convenient button layout that you will have to work with all the time. This system is easy to manage. By correctly defining functions and distributing tasks, it will be possible to work quickly, conveniently, and with minimal time.

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