How To Use JDownloader On Windows PC [2023]


how to use jdownloader

Wondering how to use JDownloader for Windows? The Internet is undoubtedly the largest source of information that you can consult at any time if you have access to it. On different platforms, you can listen to music, watch videos, read articles, or do any activity you can think of.

But to enjoy a video file or audio track directly on your computer without the need for an Internet connection, you can use a download manager that allows you to extract it from the Internet and save it to your hard drive.

The advantage of these managers is that they allow you to simultaneously download files from different sources or servers.

In this opportunity, you will learn how to use JDownloader out of one of the most famous download managers; JDownloader.

What is JDownloader?

how to use jdownloader

JDownloader is the name of a completely free download manager as it is written in open-source Java. As mentioned above, it is capable of downloading multiple files at the same time hosted on different sites or servers such as cloud computing. Memory Mega or Mediafire, even from different web pages.

This program was developed by the JDownloader team under the GNU license, where some parts of the source code are not publicly available. It was officially released on December 3, 2008. You can currently learn how to use JDownloader on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Where to download JDownloader?

To get the program installer, simply login to the official page. In the first view of the page, you will find a Download button above a summary of all the tasks you can perform with the software.

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Once you click download word, the page will display all available options. Choose any of the options that match your operating system and wait for the installer to load. Once downloaded, proceed with the installation by following a consistent and simple process.

Downloading with JDownloader

Are you wondering how to use JDownloader? Get a download link, such as the address of a file in the cloud, or simply copy the address of the web page that hosts the file.

  1. Open the software and wait for all available updates to download.
  2. Head to the bottom left corner of the API and click the Add Links button.
  3. This will bring up a small dialog near the center where you must paste the download link.
  4. Once you paste it, click the Continue button.
  5. Another small window will appear informing you about the analysis of the download link.
  6. After the link has been parsed, click on the Link Grabber tab located at the top of the program’s interface.
  7. This will display the entire list of Downloads available from the link. Right-click on the file you want to download and select the “Add and Start Download” option.
  8. This download will be reflected in the Downloads tab. In it, you will have access to the name, size, server, and download status. When the download is complete, the word Finished will appear in the status column.
  9. You can directly open the download from the software by right-clicking on the file and selecting the “Open Folder” option.

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