How To Set Charging Animation On iPhone Phone For Free [2023]


The appearance of the charging animation in iOS has been perhaps the least redesigned with the update of iOS versions. But with the release of iOS 14, we can fix this a bit.

Unfortunately, one cannot do without “crutches”, as in the case of any intervention in the system interface. But those who want to know how to set charging animation on iPhone can use the instructions below.

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  1. To get started, we need the Quick Commands app. Download it if you have already removed it from your device.
  2. Next, we need an application on how to set charging animation on iPhone. There are several similar ones in the AppStore. For example Charging Show or  Charging Play +. But we would recommend Charging Play.
  3. Install the application, and select the animation you like.
  4. We launch the “Quick Commands” and create a simple automation:
    Select the item “New Automation” – “Create Automation for Yourself”.
  5. In the list, select “Charger” – “Connected”.
  6. Next, add an action. Select the “Applications” item, find it in the Charging Playlist, and select it.
  7. Click “Next” and turn off the menu item “Ask before starting”
  8. Now everything is ready, you can check.

How to test the new charging animation

After you have learned how to set charging animation on iPhone, the next step is to check. Take your iPhone or iPad and connect it to any power source (the smartphone itself must be unlocked). Our created automation will “see” the connection of the gadget to the charger and will start a process in which it will open the application and start the selected animation.

As you can see, the very “crutches” are precisely in the fact that it is necessary to put the smartphone on charge exactly unlocked, since otherwise the command will not be processed.

But whoever needs it can use it. Would you like it? Share in the comments.


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