How To Send Mail To Whatsapp In A simple Step For Free [2023]

Sending Information From The Email To WhatsApp


Sending information of various types from a mail application via WhatsApp for Android is implemented due to the Share function integrated into the OS which enables one to understand how to send mail to WhatsApp.

For the effective execution of how to send mail to WhatsApp, a WhatsApp client installed on the device and authorized in the service is required, as well as the recipient’s data be entered in the sender’s “Contacts”!

  1. Launch the application through which you prefer to work with email in the Android environment. Open the source email of the information sent via WhatsApp.

Depending on the type of data sent from the mail to the messenger,  call the “Share” function, perform one of the following manipulations, and then proceed to step number 3 of this instruction:

    • Letter text. Select the text content of the email or part of it (long press at the beginning of the information you want to send via WhatsApp, and then move the right selection marker to the end of it). As a result, in addition to “highlighting” a piece of text, a menu of operations applicable to it will appear – click here “Share”.
    • Hyperlinks (electronic addresses), including those “hidden” under text, buttons, pictures, etc. Click on the link object and do not stop working until the context menu appears. Select Send Link.

There are two ways to deal with attachments of various types in emails about how to send mail to Whatsapp :

Tap on the area that displays the preview of the attachment – in the case of most types of files, this will open it in the associated application. Call up the options menu and select “Share” in it. Or find the icon of the function in question on the screen of the opened application and click on it.

Download an attachment from an email to the device’s memory. This is a key step on how to send mail to Whatsapp. Then navigate to the folder containing the downloaded file using any File Explorer for Android, highlight the shipment, and then call the Share function by touching its icon on the screen or from the options menu.

  1. As a result of calling the “Share” function about the data sent (in our case via WhatsApp) data, a panel containing icons of various applications and services will be displayed at the bottom of the Android device screen. If necessary, scroll through the list of available means of sending, find the messenger icon, and click on it.
  2. In the launched and immediately showing the list of your “Contacts” and group chats WhatsApp, select one or more recipients of the information extracted from the email, tap their names one by one, and then click on the arrow button at the bottom of the screen on the right.
  3. Click the “Send” button in the lower right corner of the messenger screen. Then, if you wish, go to the chat with the addressee of the already sent data and make sure that the operation was successful.


As in the Android environment described above, how to send mail to Whatsapp for iOS is possible using the Share function provided in the mobile operating system. For a smooth solution to the problem under consideration with the iPhone, the messenger must be pre-installed and authorized in the data exchange system. In addition, the data of the recipient of the information must be present in the address book of your WhatsApp!

1. Open the letter with the data that needs to be sent via messenger in any email client for iOS (in the example below, the Mail program is pre-installed on the iPhone ).

2. Decide on the type of data to be retrieved from email and call the “Share” function on them using one of the methods listed below. Then proceed to the implementation of points No. 3-5 of this instruction.

    • If you need to send the text of an email via WhatsApp, select it in its entirety or set the “highlight” only on the desired fragment. Click “More” in the displayed context menu and then click “Share …”.
    • To send via messenger a link present in the body of an email, including a link “hidden” behind a text or graphic element (for example, a button), long press on the object, and then select “Share” from the list of possible actions that appears at the bottom of the screen.
    • To send a file received by e-mail via WhatsApp, first download it to the device’s memory. To do this, tap in the attachment block with the inscription “Tap to download” and wait until the data is received. Next, click on the area with the attachment again – a screen will open with (depending on the type) a preview of the contents of the file or information about it. Here you need to touch the button made in the form of a cube with an arrow, which is located in the upper right or lower left corner of the screen.

3. Scroll the top of the “Send” panel that appears after calling the ” Share” function to the left, find the “WhatsApp” icon, and click on it.

If the desired icon is not available among the available sending tools, tap More in the panel, activate the switch located next to the WhatsApp item, and press Done.

4. In the messenger that starts and immediately displays a list of your contacts, check the boxes next to the names of the recipients of the information sent from the email. Then successively click “Next” at the bottom of the screen and “Submit.” top right.

5. That’s all – go to WhatsApp, and open a chat with the recipient of the data transferred from the mail client to make sure that the operations performed are effective.


Since Windows does not provide the Share function available on Android and iOS, how to send mail to WhatsApp for PC is implemented using slightly different approaches than in mobile OS.

1. If you need to send the text content of an email via messenger:

  • Highlight the text in the email access tool window, right-click, and select Copy from the context menu that opens.
  • Launch WhatsApp, go to a chat with the recipient of the information, right-click in the typing area, and then click “Paste” in the menu that appears.
  • Edit if necessary and then submit the received message via messenger.

2. To send a WhatsApp link from an email:

  • Right-click on the link object in the body of the email, and select “Copy link address” from the menu that appears.
  • Open the messenger, and paste the data from the Windows clipboard into the message writing field.
  • Click the “Submit” button in the WhatsApp window.

3. To transfer files received via email as attachments to emails via WhatsApp:

  • Download the file from the letter to a PC or laptop disk.
  • In WhatsApp, open a chat with the recipient of the file, and click on the element “Paperclip”. Then select “Document” in the displayed panel of types of possible attachments to the message.
  • Go to the directory where you downloaded the sent file, double-click on its name, or select the object and click “Open”.
  • Click on the “Send” button in the messenger window showing the name of the file being sent from the mail.
  • On this, the task voiced in the title of the article about the file from the mailbox is solved, and you can evaluate the result of the manipulations.

It is worth recalling how to send mail to WhatsApp, not only as a file, as described above but also to demonstrate content to the interlocutor directly in the messenger.

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