How To See Hidden Files In Windows 7 PC For Free [2023]


In this article, you’ll learn how to see hidden files in Windows 7 PC. Many Windows users do not realize that in the system, in addition to the files that they see in Windows Explorer, there may be hidden files that are not displayed by default in Windows 7. For those who know that there are such files, but forgot in which menu to show them, this mini-instruction is written, which echoes another procedure – how to show file extensions, since both of these settings are made in the dialog box Folder Options.

Why you may need to show hidden files:

Most often, such a need arises if the system becomes infected with a virus that assigns the Open attribute to files, as a result of which the user stops seeing them in the explorer. The picture below provides an example of a file to which an attribute is assigned Hidden. So, display the hidden files in Windows 7.

Open Dialog Box-Folder Options

In order to show a dialog box in Windows 7 Folder Options, there are two ways:

The first way:

Launch Windows Explorer.

In the conductor, press the key on the keyboard Alt, in the menu window that appears at the top, click Service – Folder Options…

The second way:

Open Control Panel, in the control panel, click Design and Personalization

In the section Design and Personalization choose Folder Options

Change Windows 7 Settings To Display Hidden Files

In the window that opens Folder Options go to the tab View, in the section Additional options find the radio switch group Hidden files and folders, set it in position Show hidden files, packs, and discs.

In addition to the hidden, Windows has secure system files from which the performance of the system depends and which are not recommended to be displayed in Explorer. But if there is still such a need, uncheck the box Hide secure system files ( recommended ).

Save changes by clicking the button Ok.

Here’s a little video showing how to do it.

Now you know how to show hidden files in Windows 7. If you took off the checkbox Hide secure system files ( recommended ), be extremely careful when deleting and editing the conductor files that you did not create and did not save, so as not to damage the system’s performance. After the need to display hidden files has disappeared, return the folder parameters to their previous state in order to avoid disruption of the Windows system.

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