How To Save vines To Your Phone In Simple And Free Way [2023]

What program can you use to make Vines?  

Hello dear friends. Today we will talk about various programs for creating short videos that are so popular on the Internet today and also on how to save vines to your phone. Even in such short videos, you can become popular.

Vine is a genre of videos that is characterized by short duration. Usually, such videos last from two to twenty seconds. The Vines portray a small scene from everyday life, presenting it humorously. This genre came to us from the United States of America, however, over the past few years, many viners (people who shoot veins) have appeared across the globe. To access this video for future reference, you need how to save vines to your phone.

To shoot a vine, first of all, you need an idea. It is necessary to take a life situation familiar to everyone and present it humorously also, you need to know how to save vines to your phone after. It will not be superfluous to write a script first.

If you already have a ready-made concept, then in this case you need to decide on the choice of a program for creating a vine. There is a lot of software for creating short videos on the software market. However, in this article, we will focus on the best specimens. After reading this article, you will find out in which program you can make vines and also how to save vines to your phone.

What program makes wars

Vine is one of the best programs for creating short videos. This software gave the name to the popular genre. What is so special about Vine? First, the program is distributed free of charge. Anyone can freely install and use this software.

Secondly, Vine is a smartphone app, which is very convenient. To make a short vine, you do not need any serious equipment or a powerful editor. It is enough to shoot a video on the camera of your smartphone and immediately process it in Vine.


The program interface is friendly and intuitive. Thanks to this, even inexperienced users will be able to make their vines. To record a video, you need to run the program and hold your finger on the screen of your mobile device. When pressed again, the user can pause or resume the video recording. Despite its simplicity, Vine has a good built-in editor.

In terms of functionality, the program is not bad. The application allows you to record sound, make editing, slow down or speed up the video, insert pictures into it, how to save vines to your phone etc. At the same time, it is worth noting that the application limits the user in terms of the length of the vine. The maximum length of a video shot on Vine is 6 seconds. Among other things, Vine boasts a social component. The program is supported by most social networks. Thanks to this, Vines can be posted on Twitter, VKontakte, etc.

Vine is the perfect program for making vines. It is simple in terms of operation. At the same time, Vine has everything to create a funny video.

Other programs for creating vines

However, the short video software market is not limited to Vine alone. There are a lot of applications with which you can shoot vines. We will talk about them in this part of the article.

Montaj is a good vine maker that allows you to create videos up to 6 seconds long. The advantages of this software include:

  • Ability to add musical accompaniment to vines
  • Powerful video editor
  • Ability to import videos

In addition, Montaj has an interesting feature. You can add multiple clips to the storyboard and shake your device. The clips will then shuffle randomly, creating a unique storyline. This feature will be useful for those who do not want to wrap up with editing.

Game Your Video is another vine maker that is worth checking out. The strengths of the application include:
  • Multifunctional video editor that allows you to use effects, filters, etc.
  • Ability to play multiple videos at the same time
  • Support for popular social networks like Facebook and YouTube
  • Direct guide on how to save vines to your phone

Among other things, Game Your Video allows you to add comments and descriptions to your videos. Thanks to this, the vinners can explain the main idea of ​​the video in text format.

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