How To Reply Unknown Person On Whatsapp In A Click Of A Button [2023]

Sending messages to and from an unknown WhatsApp number

Millions of people around the world use various instant messengers to communicate and transfer information. One of the most popular is WhatsApp. Thanks to it, you can send any number of messages for free to other users who also have it installed and whose numbers are saved. However, it often becomes necessary to write or call users with an unfamiliar number, whose phone number is not saved in contacts, and also how to reply unknown person on WhatsApp How to do it?

How to text strangers on WhatsApp

Many users have to communicate with those whose number is unknown and not saved in contacts on the phone. If there is a need how to reply unknown person on WhatsApp, you can simply add it to your contacts.

By clicking on the special button in the “Add” menu and entering the required number, then it remains to record the user and save the data.

The second way. on how to reply unknown person on WhatsApp, yet the number is not detected. It does not interfere with chatting with the user. The same thing occurs when you need to write first and send a message to a user whose number is not in the contacts. A phone number is entered, then the desired user is located, and you can start chatting without adding each other to contacts.

However, in addition to the effort method, you have options on how to reply unknown person on WhatsApp.

From browser

As of how to reply unknown person on WhatsApp will help a regular browser installed on a computer or mobile device. To use this option, you must strictly follow the algorithm of actions.

The device from which you plan to make a call must have the application installed.

To write to an unfamiliar user on WhatsApp or how to reply unknown person on WhatsApp, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Launch any browser you are used to.
  2. Copy the line (instead of XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX write the subscriber’s number in full) and paste it into the search.
  3. Next, a window will open with a line for entering data.
  4. You need to click on the “send message” button.

The user will be taken to a chat where they can communicate with the desired user, or can call. This feature allows you to chat with strangers without adding them to your phonebook contacts list.

Special software

For those users who want to have a special program on how to reply unknown person on WhatsApp, special applications have been developed. They interact with WhatsApp and can send messages to any user who is not in the contact list.

The most popular apps that can be downloaded using Google Play:

  • Click to chat.
  • “Direct Message for WhatsApp”.
  • Easy Message.

The application must be downloaded to the phone, then run. In the line, you need to enter the phone number of the subscriber with whom you want to contact. Applications will launch WhatsApp, after which you can start chatting with the right person.

Write to a number posted on the Internet

Often there is a need to call or send a WhatsApp message to an unknown number, whose number is posted on the Internet. There is no need to add it to contacts – a special communication function is provided. If the user on the phone uses Android Q or Android 9 Pie, then this function is available to him. Just click on the number to open the menu. It will have a WhatsApp contact button. After clicking, you can call. This method is convenient because there is no need to add each number to contacts to make a call.

Special Services

Special services are another opportunity to write to an unfamiliar number in WhatsApp. In this case, it does not matter what software is installed on the mobile device. They can be used by logging in from a mobile device or a computer with WhatsApp messengers installed on them.

You need to go to the service, after which a special window with a search string will open. In the search, you need to enter the subscriber’s number, after which you can start a dialogue or make a call. This is another option for communicating with subscribers with an unknown number.

The service does not charge for communication among users.

Why do I receive messages from unknown contacts?

Increasingly, users are texting from unknown numbers. The reasons for writing a message are different, it all depends on the situation. Most often, either scammers or advertisers write with offers.

As a rule, they write to those users whose number is in the public domain. For example, a person sells things or posted a profile with a number on a dating site. Strangers often post a topic they want to discuss.

If a stranger writes and wants to get a photo or find out personal information, this is a scammer. His task is to find out personal information or ask to send money. Correspondence with such subscribers should be avoided.

What to do if you wrote an unknown number on WhatsApp

If a message came from an unfamiliar number, then you should understand – from whom could it be? Perhaps this is someone from the acquaintances who changed the phone. But in such cases, people introduce themselves. If these are business contacts, people will also introduce themselves and write what topic they want to discuss.

If a user writes who offers to send a photo to an unfamiliar number or exchange photos with unfamiliar girls you should not reply to this message, and the user should be blocked. As well as any attempts to obtain personal data. In any situation, if a stranger calls or writes, you need to clarify why you are contacting and ask to introduce yourself. The best option is to refuse to communicate with those who are not on the contact list.

WhatsApp Messenger allows you to call and write messages not only to those users who are saved in contacts but also to other subscribers. It is important to know how to make calls to unknown numbers, and then you can call all subscribers, regardless of whether they are in the contact list.

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