How To Remove AVG ZEN For Free For Windows PC 32 and 64-bit [2023]

Completely remove AVG antivirus from your computer

How to use the AVG Uninstall Tool | AVG

Many users uninstall AVG antivirus through the standard Windows snap-in, however, after applying this method, some program objects and settings remain in the system. Because of this, when reinstalling it, various problems arise. Today we will consider how to completely remove this antivirus from a computer.

How To Remove AVG ZEN

This goal can be achieved both with the help of third-party tools and the built-in tools of the system, but let’s start with a proprietary solution.

Method 1: AVG Remover

The best method for uninstalling the antivirus in question is the official utility from the developer called AVG Remover.

    1. We launch the utility and wait until the system is scanned for the presence of AVG programs in it. When completed, a list of all versions will be displayed on the screen. Select the one you need and click “Delete”.
    2. Wait for the tool to complete its work. After that, it is advisable to restart the system.
The utility from the developers works quickly, and most importantly, reliably.

Method 2: Revo Uninstaller

The next method to uninstall AVG is to use the Revo Uninstaller.

    1. Open the app, highlight AVG AntiVirus and click Uninstall.
    2. The standard program uninstall tool will start – select the option “Uninstall”, then follow the instructions of the program.Decline the offer to restart your computer.
    3. Next, use the “tails” scanner. Select the mode “Moderate” (it is quite enough), and then click “Scan” .
    4. The list of entries in the registry will appear first. Sequentially click “Select All” and “Delete” .Do the same with the rest of the files.

Close the program when finished and restart your computer – AVG will be completely removed.

Method 3: Uninstall Tool

Another option to uninstall AVG is to use the Uninstall Tool.

    1. By default, the application opens a list of installed software. Find the AVG entry in it and select it, then click on the “Uninstall” button on the left side of the window.
    2. The built-in antivirus removal tool will start – follow its instructions.
    3. Upon completion of the Uninstall Wizard, Uninstall Tool will offer to scan the system. Click OK .
    4. The process may take some time, so please be patient. When the scan is completed, a window with the residual data of the remote antivirus will open. Mark the desired positions, then use the “Delete” button .

The data will be deleted and AVG will be completely uninstalled.

Method 4: Advanced Uninstaller PRO

An alternative to the tools mentioned above is the Advanced Uninstaller PRO application – it offers the user a friendlier interface, deep algorithms for searching and erasing residual data.

    1. Launch the application and select the items “General Tools” – “Uninstall Programs” in sequence .
    2. A list of software will be displayed. Select the AVG position in it and click “Uninstall” on the right side of the window.
      You will need to confirm the operation – click on the button “Yes” . Make sure the option to enable the Residual File Scanner is checked.
    3. Follow the uninstaller guide to get rid of the main part of the program.
    4. Upon completion of the Wizard, the search for traces will automatically begin. When completed, a list of residual data will be displayed. Select the ones you need (or rather, the ones you don’t need) and click “Next” .After removing all AVG leftovers, click “Done” – work with Advanced Uninstaller PRO is over.

As you can see, the considered tool is more convenient to manage than Revo Uninstaller and Uninstall Tools.

Uninstalling the AVG management console (previously known as AVG Zen) | AVG

Method 5: CCleaner

The CCleaner application also has a program uninstaller, which, coupled with additional functionality, is an advanced solution to our today’s task.

    1. Open the application and go to the items “Tools” – “Uninstall programs” .
    2. Highlight AVG (left click once), then use the “Uninstall” button .
    3. Again, the standard uninstaller of the program comes into play, the algorithm for working with which is exactly the same as for all other third-party uninstall applications.
    4. After uninstalling the main program, open the “Standard cleaning” tab , on which use the “Analysis” button – this will launch the residual data search tool. When the search is over, you just have to select the “tails” left after the AVG, and click on the “Clear” button .

CCleaner is not as convenient as specialized third-party uninstallers, but powerful tools for finding residual data (which is critical when removing antiviruses) more than compensate for all the inconvenience.

Method 6: System Tools

The task can be solved without the use of third-party tools – the “Programs and Features” snap -in in all versions of Windows or through the “Settings” in Windows 10.

Programs and Features
The universal method is to use the standard Windows application manager.

    1. Call the “Run” tool with the keyboard shortcut Win + I and enter the command in it appwiz.cpl.
    2. Next, we find our antivirus, select it and use the button “Delete” .
    3. We delete it in the standard way, after which we proceed to cleaning the registry (read on).

“Settings” Windows 10
On the “ten” you can use the tools for uninstalling programs, available through the new control tool “Settings” .

    1. Press the key combination Win + I , then in the window “Parameters” select the position “Applications” .
    2. Wait for the system to generate a list of installed programs, then find AVG in it, select and click on the “Delete” button .
      To start the removal procedure, click on the element of the same name again.
    3. The Antivirus Removal Wizard will open – follow exactly the steps that the program asks for.

Restart your computer, and then proceed to the step of cleaning up residual data.

Cleaning the Registry
After uninstalling the main program, you should remove its entries from the registry.

    1. Open the Run menu , in which enter the command regedit.
    2. After launching the “Registry Editor” press F3 , then write in the search field avgand click “Find next” .
    3. The directory in the posts branch will be found. Select it, press the right mouse button, and select the option “Delete” in the context menu.
    4. Confirm deletion.
    5. Press F3 and delete everything related to the AVG method from step 3. After there are no more entries left, close the application and reboot the machine.


So we have considered all the most popular ways to completely remove the AVG antivirus system from a computer. This is especially useful when reinstalling a program. The procedure takes only a couple of minutes, and upon completion, you can reinstall the antivirus again or install another one.

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