How To Ping On WhatsApp On Android And iPhone [2023]

How to mention a user in WhatsApp chat?

WhatsApp does not use only lazy. Progressive pensioners and schoolchildren, businessmen and mothers on maternity leave, brands and companies use the functions of the messenger: text, photo and video exchange, calls and file transfer make life easier and more convenient, and creating a group allows you to unite a large number of people on one communication platform. Today we will talk about how to ping on WhatsApp group chat.

How to ping on WhatsApp conversation, you just need to enter the @ symbol in the text of your message and select the desired nickname from the suggested contacts. As soon as you use a mention, the user you mentioned is notified that you have entered their name in a group chat.

The Mention feature in a group conversation overrides any configured Do Not Disturb settings if the mentioned user has set them relative to that group. An exception can only be the situation when the contact has set such a restriction about you and turned off notifications in individual correspondence with you.  This feature was added by the WhatsApp team not long ago but it has gained immense use by both the old and the young.

To ping someone on a group conversation on WhatsApp is more similar to the option available on Facebook where one can be mentioned and receive a notification instantly.

This function is also convenient in that if you have not read messages in the group chat for a long time, you can easily and without spending a lot of time scrolling through the window find all the messages in which they were mentioned. To do this, click on the dog icon at the bottom right of the group chat window.

The interesting part of mentioning one on WhatsApp is whether you are using the Web option, your Android device, or your iPhone, the procedure remains the same.

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