How To Make Money With ChatGPT On Your Device [2023]

In this post, you’re going to learn how to make money with ChatGPT. Everyone is talking about ChatGPT, the OpenAI chatbot. It is currently a free technology that will be very interesting to try out. But can you actually help people and make money with this chatbot?

Below I’ll show you how I use it to make money and suggest ideas you might want to try.

1. Generating ideas for content

ChatGPT is an endless idea machine. You can use it to generate content ideas for any topic. It’s really amazing.

More content ideas mean I can create more useful blog content for readers, which will (financially) generate more search engine traffic and lead to more advertising or sales revenue.

For example, I recently wrote a post about making money in the golf industry. By the end of writing my article, I was a little lacking in ideas, and so I decided to use ChatGPT.

ChatGPT provided a few more ideas that I couldn’t even think of. I added sections for these additional ideas and wrote the content. This post is now #2 in my search!

You can use ChatGPT to generate blog post ideas for yourself or your clients (if you are a freelancer/agency). I can say with confidence that his ideas are sold!

Hint: “I’m looking for ideas for a blog post on [topic]. Could you help me brainstorm some ideas?”

2. Create more intriguing and interesting headlines

ChatGPT, “Please rewrite this title and make it more memorable.”

I recently did this with blog post titles that don’t have a high click-through rate. The results have not yet been published, but I am sure that thanks to this I will get more traffic. Especially those posts that are in 5-9 places.

If you are a blogger like me, you could do the same. If you are a freelancer or a marketing agency, you could offer this service to entrepreneurs who would like to use it.

Hint: “I have a blog post titled “[existing title]”. Can you suggest any alternative headlines that could grab more attention?”

3. Create an outline of the recording

Going a little deeper into content, ChatGPT can really help you write blog post outlines.

Let’s say you’ve entered your posting ideas into the list generated above and are ready to tackle one of the topics. Instead of starting from a blank page, ask ChatGPT to give you a little sketch to start the creation process.

Of course, you could copy sketches from other websites, but ChatGPT will provide you with more non-proprietary ideas.

One caveat: I wouldn’t use them verbatim. Edit the list for accuracy and add something of your own to it. Don’t just copy them. ChatGPT is not always correct.

Hint: “I plan to write a blog post on [topic]. Can you help me sketch out the main points I need to cover?”

4. Code for simple web tools/calculators

I know very little HTML. And even less PHP or CSS. If I wanted to make any major changes or additions to my website, I used to go to a developer friend I met on Upwork and send him the work.

It takes money and, more importantly, time. For such small projects, I can now use ChatGPT. For example, let’s say I wanted to add a simple interest rate calculator to my savings account blog post.

I could have asked ChatGPT to solve the problem for me first. I would then ask him for HTML, Javascript, and CSS code to put on my website. With the help of a WordPress plugin like WP Coder, I can convert all of this code into a shorter one that will be posted on the blog.

I plan to do this in all my content to make it more engaging and useful for readers. You could do the same or offer a service that creates these tools for others.

Hint: “I need a tool that does [a specific task]. Can you help me write the code for this?”

5. Clean up existing content

As someone who has been blogging for over a decade and has tons of content, this is one of my favorite uses of ChatGPT. You can ask him to rewrite sections, add better intros (even jokes or hooks), and create FAQs for relevant blog entries.

This is usually such a difficult task that we end up postponing it. Now, with this tool, you can do it all. As a freelancer, you could offer a service to clean up/update existing content for blogs, websites, etc.

This is probably the right time to point out that AI-generated content is usually discoverable. So test your content with a service like to make sure it can pass human-created checks and avoid any plagiarism.

Hint: “I have a piece of content that is a little cluttered and hard to read. Could you help me tidy it up and make it more concise?”

6. Write ad copy for sales pages or emails

ChatGPT shines when asked to write compelling texts. I’m not necessarily a great copywriter, I tend to write more casually and prosaically. But ChatGPT can take my copy and turn it into something more compelling and exciting.

I recently did this with the description of my FinCon conference. I have some existing text about this event that reads like it was taken from Wikipedia. It is good for some purposes, but not very suitable for advertising and sales.

I asked ChatGPT to rewrite it so I could put it in a blog post about the best personal finance conferences. I liked how it turned out.

Think of all the marketing materials you could write or rewrite for your business. If you are a freelance copywriter, you could use ChatGPT to complement your skills.

Hint: “I need to write sales copy for a sales page/email to promote [a product/service]. Could you help me come up with something convincing?”

7. Invest in OpenAI and other AI companies

While you can’t invest directly in an OpenAI company yet (I think an IPO is coming soon), you can invest in companies that will use artificial intelligence or that have invested heavily in OpenAI themselves, such as Microsoft.

Hint: “I am interested in investing in AI companies. Can you recommend any specific companies I should consider, such as OpenAI?”

8. Find endless ideas for extra activities

I like to pretend that here on this blog we have a lot of ideas for an extra hustle. But ChatGPT can fix that.

It can generate millions of different side hustle ideas for you to choose from. And if you ask him, he will tell you exactly how to act in this situation.

Hint: “I’m looking for ideas for side activities that I could take to earn some extra money. Can you suggest any options?”

9. Provide translation services

I’m not sure how long this will last, but ChatGPT can translate text into different languages. If you can find someone who needs this service (through Fiverr, for example) but doesn’t have the time or know-how to use ChatGPT on their own, then you might be able to generate some income for yourself.

Hint: “I have a piece of content in [language] that I need to translate into [language]. Can you help with translation?”

10. Writing scripts for Youtube

Want to offer scripting services or create your own scripts? ChatGPT does a great job of processing information in a script format suitable for platforms like Youtube. And even if you don’t have existing content to use, ChatGPT can script out of thin air.

Hint: “I want to create a Youtube video and I need a script. Can you help me write a script on [theme]?”

11. Create entire business websites

Commercial websites for lawyers, CPAs, restaurants, and more can now be built using content generated from ChatGPT. I used to build websites as a part-time job. My least favorite part of the business: writing website copy. GPT Chat to the rescue.

Hint: “I need a website built for my business. Can you help me design and build it?”

12. Become a ChatGPT Expert and Sell Your Knowledge

As amazing as ChatGPT is, you still need to learn how to use it properly. If you are interested in this new technology, you will be able to sell your knowledge to others – as a service or as a one-time course.

For example, I recently purchased an AI Content Reactor from Rob Lennon. Rob charges $150 for the course and access to the community. I believe he makes a good income from his efforts. And his course helps me make the most of ChatGPT.

Hint: “I want to learn how to use ChatGPT and potentially sell my knowledge as a ChatGPT expert. Can you help me get started?”

13. Create social media posts

Looking to optimize your existing content for specific social media platforms? ChatGPT can help with this. Busy entrepreneurs often don’t have time to dedicate themselves to these platforms. ChatGPT can help you scale your social media management business. I asked ChatGPT to write this tweet:

Want to help people and fill your pockets with extra money in 2023? This blog post has the answer: making money with ChatGPT. Follow the hints and tips to succeed. Don’t miss this opportunity to increase your income!”

Hint: “I need multiple social media posts for my business Facebook/Instagram/Twitter accounts. Can you help me create some content?”

14. Get paid for answering questions

I’m a little torn at the mention of this because it might lead to some wicked activities. But there are sites that pay you to simply answer their questions.

While it’s best if you actually draw on your own knowledge and experience, it doesn’t hurt to have ChatGPT work with you to complement your knowledge and become a better expert/mentor.

Hint: “I want to get paid for answering questions online. Do you have any suggestions for websites or platforms where I can do this?”

15. Create resumes for job seekers

ChatGPT can really help you build your resume. I did this when I was creating a sample resume for a part-time job seeker. You can do the same for clients and help them build a resume using some of their basic information.

Hint: “I’m looking for a new job and I need to update my resume. Can you help me put together a strong, professional resume?”

16. Write a story for your first book

Yes, authors use ChatGPT to help them write books. Here is an author using it to create titles and actual plots for his books.

Hint: “I have an idea for a book, but I’m not sure how to turn it into a full story. Can you help me brainstorm and develop the story?”

17. Create a chatbot that uses the ChatGPT API

Finally, you can use ChatGPT as a knowledge source for any chatbot you want to create. And, frankly, this is where the big money will be made, with SAAS products using artificial intelligence.

For example, Alfred is an IOS app that sits on top of ChatGPT and gives you more features in a native mobile interface.

Hint: “I want to create a chatbot that uses the ChatGPT API. Can you help me develop a chatbot?”

Tips for Making Money with ChatGPT

If you are thinking about making money with AChatGPT, here are a few things to consider:

  • Make sure you are using these tools in a legal and ethical manner. This includes concern for data privacy and the rejection of any discriminatory practices.
  • It is important to understand the limitations of ChatGPT (and all artificial intelligence) and use it appropriately. It is not a substitute for human experience and judgment.
  • Finally, consider how your customer perceives artificial intelligence and how it might affect their business. Some people may be hesitant to use AI-based products or services, so be transparent about how you use these technologies and address any issues your customers may have.

So here it is guys! With ChatGPT at your fingertips, you’ll be raking in money in no time. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to get rich at the slightest lift of a finger?

Just make sure you don’t spend all your newfound wealth buying more AI assistants to do your bidding – trust me. Eventually, they will just take over the world and you will be out of a job.

It’s better to stick to the old-fashioned way of making money the hard way: working in the office 8 hours a day, 50 weeks a year. Haha, just kidding (sort of).”

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