How To Install HDT On Your Windows PC Free [2023]


how to install hdt

And the hair does not develop in the wind, the skirt looks like wood when walking, and the weapon sticks to the body during movement. Do you think this is a low-budget and unpopular game? How to install HDT is very simple and the game itself is quite captivating,

But no, this is our favorite Skyrim right after its release. Modder HydrogensaysHDT decided to fix these problems and created a modification HDT Physics Extensions, which adds physics to Skyrim.

HDT Physics extensions

how to install hdt

The limited degree of use of the Havok engine in the game leaves not the best impression: no dynamism, or realism, everything is somehow wooden and unnatural. This modification radically solves the problem, forcing the “jumping” body parts to jump and react to touch, clothes to move, and players to rejoice in the destruction of the former static and the revival of their favorite game.

A significant advantage of the mod is that it does not make any changes that could disrupt or slow down the gameplay. All problems are solved by using the engine, which is an integral part of the game. Now objects interact with each other and react to the world around them.

Principle of operation

how to install hdt

Many players now think that the mod works wonders, and after knowing how to install HDT, the game will begin to sway, move and jump, they could run to install it as soon as possible. But they will have to face severe disappointment and a complete lack of desired animation.

Remember, HDT Physics Extensions is an execution engine that runs physics for other mods that support some kind of movement. For example, in order to move the chest and buttocks, you need a special replayer that supports the physics of the movement of these parts of the body, in order for hair and clothes to develop, you need an appropriate mod with animation of the swaying of hair and fabric, and all in the same vein.

It does not conflict with any other modifications of HDT, it can be safely used in any combination.


How to install HDT is now very simple after going through the above information. This is a very useful Skyrim mod for all connoisseurs of realistic physics in the game, moreover, it is necessary for the correct operation of many other modifications that will not function at full capacity without it. Static has never made a game more appealing, especially one where you have to do a lot of action and move around a lot. Realistic physics is an important component needed for complete comfort in the world of Skyrim.

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