How To Import Passwords Into Opera GX [2023]

How to import passwords into Opera GX

Opera GX Import Passswords from an csv file | Opera forums

Browser game lovers and those who frequently use this type of software may be in constant search of the best navigator on the Internet. As a result, the choice falls on the game-oriented application Opera GX. How to import passwords and use it, you will learn from this guide.

The origin of the Opera GX browser

How to import bookmarks into Opera from another browser - Blog | Opera News

The Opera browser has been known to Internet users for many years, since its first version was released back in 1995 by the Norwegian company of the same name. Since that moment, many versions of the browser have been created, the program has been imported to Android and IOS mobile platforms. The developers tried to give originality to the development. Opera has added new VPN features, the ability to create a personal profile, the use of extensions. Ultimately, they came to the conclusion that a fully gaming browser does not yet exist.

For this reason, Opera GX was designed with the ability to manage computer resources such as RAM, the use of a certain number of processor cores, etc. Quick tabs on the sidebar can be displayed to access frequently used sites: YouTube, Twitch, social netwaorks. Out of the box, it is possible to activate a dark theme, other shades of visible elements and fully customize the visual part of the browser.

Opera GX features a number of new features that were not previously available in other browsers, such as enabling original sounds. When activated, the browser will make a unique sound to close tabs, notify you of new events that have occurred in an open but inactive window. The game Opera also has the ability to activate access to the network through VPN.

How to import data and passwords into Opera GX

To quickly get started in your new browser, you’ll need to import your bookmarks and passwords into Opera GX from the browser you used before. The first version of the game browser appeared in 2019 and is still in beta testing until that time. For this reason, the data import function works differently than in other well-known Internet browsers.

  1. In the browser you are currently using, you need to export the passwords. The function for this must be found in the settings;
  2. The exported file must be named and saved, as well as remember the path to it;
  3. Next, open the Opera GX settings and go through the advanced settings to the “Security” item;
  4. Select the line in the “Browser” menu and go to “Synchronization”;
  5. Click on the “Import Bookmarks” button;
  6. Find the file that was exported from another browser.

After the reboot, the user will be able to activate passwords and logins for sites. Before importing, you must check the box “Logins” and “Passwords”. Also, the user can additionally choose which data will be imported into Opera GX. If you can’t transfer some important information this way, import them separately.

How to export passwords to Opera GX manually

An experienced user knows that passwords should be such that they cannot be remembered – that is, complex and long. This will minimize any type of hacking, even if the attacker manages to spy on this data. If passwords are saved for several sites that need to be transferred to the new Opera GX browser, it is possible to transfer them manually.

Launch your browser and go to settings. You can quickly get to the password settings in Chromium browsers through the address bar by going to settings/password;

  1. Find the “Security” section and password settings in the additional menu;
  2. In the browser, they are stored in encrypted form and are not visible without additional steps. Click the button with three dots next to the site name;
  3. Select “Copy”;
  4. Launch a new tab in the Opera GX browser with the corresponding site;
  5. Paste your username and password into the login form.

Such an action can be performed if it is necessary to transfer passwords from Opera GX to another browser. After displaying the password, it will become available for copying. In the manager of browsers that store personal data, other actions are possible with passwords: changing, deleting, importing from another browser. The navigator can get additional features due to the programs installed in it.

How to install an extension in Opera GX

Browser extensions are firmware that unlock new functionality. If you need to instantly translate text or see the weather without going to the site, you can install the necessary extension. Despite the fact that Opera GX is still in development and its feature set is not final, we can make it more convenient now. To open a window with extensions, use the settings. For a quick transition, write the command in the address bar – extensions.

By default, the Opera browser already has several necessary extensions installed that display important sites in the welcome window. They can be removed, configured, enabled or disabled. Use the search bar in the top toolbar to find and install new extensions. It is not necessary to know the name of a specific extension, they can be found by type: translator, social network name, video view. To remove a specific extension from the list, click on the button with a cross.

A complete list, selections, as well as programs by category can be found at If you’re using any site to listen to music, it can be found among the names of the extensions in the “Music” category.

Among these programs, the user will also be able to find popular tools: Avast Online, Pocket, Mate translator, Evernote and others. In some cases, extensions may not run or work with errors. The creators of the browser warn us about this and advise us to uninstall and reinstall the program again.

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