WhatsApp It’s not the best instant messaging app, but it’s the most used instant messaging app in the world. And in some cases a problem for our privacy. While you don’t have many options, we can indeed do things like to hide the read receipt so that at least other users don’t know when we’ve read one of your messages. Will take you through how to hide double tick in WhatsApp. Thus, we will of course avoid certain discussions.

We live with him for many years the double blue cell of WhatsApp, which, as any user knows, means that the message has been read. And that may calm some but also make others impatient. When some users see that you’ve read their messages but haven’t responded, that’s when the trouble starts. So it’s better to learn how to hide double tick in WhatsApp and thus prevent those who send you something via WhatsApp from knowing that you’ve already read it.

This way you can hide the double blue checkmark so they don’t know that you have read the WhatsApp message.

Sign in to WhatsApp and from the home screen at the top right, go to  Settings. In the settings, display the section  Account and then go to the section Privacy, and among other various options, you will find  Read confirmations. To hide the double blue checkmark, you just need to have this slider gray on the left. And once you’re here, you don’t have to restart the app or anything, the changes will be applied directly.

Disabling read receipts is one of the several privacy options that the WhatsApp instant messaging application offers us. But please note that this does not affect all the functions of the application. That is, in individual chats, the double-blue checkmark will be hidden for all types of messages, except for voice notes. And in the case of group conversations, there is absolutely nothing we can do. In the latter case, even if we have read confirmation disabled, it will still be displayed when we read a message from any user.

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Also keep in mind that by turning off read receipts, we are for us and others. This means they won’t see when we’ve read the messages, but then we won’t be able to see in WhatsApp when other users have read the messages we send.

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