How To Hack Wifi Using Your PC For Free [2023]


how to hack wifi

How to hack wifi? The idea came after watching the movie – “Who am I?” This is a film about a programmer who humiliated almost the whole world with his hacking abilities. If anyone hasn’t seen it, I recommend watching it.

It is worth mentioning here that I am not a programmer and have nothing to do with the IT field, so my knowledge in the field of computer security was limited to the ability to connect two-factor authentication to a mailbox. It is precisely because of the lack of knowledge that in order to immediately start hacking, we go to YouTube and look for the fastest way to hack. I immediately find a video where they promise to hack the network in 5 minutes and start hacking.

Guide to how to hack wifi began to use this video

how to hack wifi

1st step. Download the Dumpper program. There is nothing complicated here, we enter into Google download Dumpper, and download the latest version of the program. At the time of writing, this is 91.2.

2nd step. Unpack and install the program. To do this, we need an archiver, I use WinRaR. After unpacking, simply open the. EXE type file and click next until the very end of the installation. Here the goal is to get such a file (in the photo below)

3rd step. Launch the program and start scanning networks around.

Double-click on the Dumpper icon and go to the WPS tab.

Next, press the button – SCAN

4th step. Start guessing passwords for different networks.

Click on the networks with the best signal and press the WPSWIN button

At this step, I spent more time than the author of the video. I tried to pick up a password for all networks whose signal quality is from 80 to 90%, I realized that I couldn’t hack anything.

In the video, the author cut the hack wait time, and I thought it really lasted a few seconds. In fact, some networks hung in standby mode for 5-7 minutes.

5th step. Be patient and find a router affected by this vulnerability.

To do this, you need to press WPSWIN on each network that your network card has detected. After half an hour of selecting passwords in routers, and poking at the WPSWIN key, I still got the coveted inscription from the video:

6th step. Set up relay mode on your router.

This step was the most difficult for me, since I only set up the router a couple of times, and then not always successfully.

You need to go to the router settings using a set of numbers in the browser.

The numbers are written on the bottom cover of the router. Most often they work:

Then enter the username and password in the field to enter the router settings menu.

Login and password by default: admin admin

We go into connection mode and select WISP (it may be called differently) The bottom line is that when choosing a connection, the router prompts you to select another connection for relaying the signal.

7th stepWe use free internet and have fun. (But it is not exactly)

Conclusions and questions for people who understand more than me:

1. The success of the operation depends on the capacity of the network card. The more networks are discovered, the more likely it that is to be hacked. I have a powerful network card, so my list of networks turned out to be quite large.

2. The very type of vulnerability is already outdated, as it was said in the video, and not everyone and not always succeeds in hacking in this way. And if your network card has found 3 networks, then the chance is zero.

3. No one guarantees the security of data transmitted through someone else’s Wi-Fi network, so use it only at your own peril and risk, although this was not mentioned.

Now questions for the experts:

1. Is there a way to hack modern routers?

2. How secure is the data transmitted through such Wi-Fi? For example, if you use your social networks, pay for purchases, etc.

3. Is it possible to protect your router from such a hacking method?

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