How To Hack Mobile Number For Free [2023]

TOP 7 best phone hacking apps

Today we will learn how to hack mobile numbers and get acquainted with applications that actually hack a phone (calls, correspondence, photos). We will also tell you how to hack through a number or via SMS without access to the phone.

Is it possible to hack a phone by number?

How to hack a phone is one of the most popular queries in Google and Yandex. It goes on par with queries such as: “How to hack boyfriend/girlfriend “, ” how to hack Instagram ” and “How to hack WhatsApp “. In other words, the interest in hacking other people’s phones is huge and it does not fade away. And if there is demand, then there will be supply.

And yet … before installing, you must know that hacking a phone is against the law, and this activity, they can attract not only a fine but also a prison term. Therefore, all the information below is provided for informational purposes only. We do not approve the installation of such software for the purpose of penetrating private life. We warned you, and you already think!

So, here are the 7 best phone hacking apps that will allow you to see everything that a person does on their device. All programs are different and endowed with different functions. Therefore, before installing the application, familiarize yourself with its features and decide for yourself which one you need and which one is right for your requests and final expectations.

1. Fing Scanner

This is a free hacking app. Allows you to hack through a phone number at a distance. It is a very fast network scanner that can be used to find a phone connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot. He will instantly show it on the map, assess the threat to network security and help fix a possible network problem. Does not need to be installed on the target smartphone.


It will let you know how to hack a phone for money. Why exactly for money? Yes, because this application has a built-in keylogger that will intercept absolutely all keystrokes. Do you understand? This keylogger will intercept logins and passwords from pages, bank card codes, numbers entered on the calculator. All! Therefore, we say that this program allows you to hack the phone for money. Although, of course, the developers themselves categorically disagree with such an application of their program. And they always warn their users to follow the law and use this software only for good purposes.

3. IP webcam

Another great spy app that allows you to organize a hack through an Android phone number. But, it is completely different from the previous two. It specializes more in espionage, as it allows you to conduct video surveillance. Chip – you can turn on the phone’s camera remotely and see online everything that happens within the radius of this camera. You can change cameras with a command. For example, turn on the front first, and then switch to the main one.

4. WardenCam

Identical to the previous hacker app, which also allows you to hack your phone’s camera, turn it on remotely, and conduct covert video surveillance from anywhere in the world. It is installed both on the phone of the follower and on the phone of the monitored. Another prerequisite is that both must have the same Google account. Positions itself as an observer of the house when you are away and as parental control over the behavior of the child. Noble? Yes. Well, let’s stop there.

5. Family Link

Completely different, unlike any of the spy apps described above. It will allow hacking by the child’s phone number. Doesn’t hide. Works in the open and is open surveillance of family members. It will provide the ability to track location and receive browser history, SMS messages, and call details. Allows you to set restrictions on the use of a smartphone by a child.

6 Androrat

The essence of this hacker application is that it is remote hacking via SMS. Those. You will not need to pick up the phone, but you can send an SMS with a link. A person will follow this link and the program will be introduced into the Android system. It will allow you to get all the information about the applications installed on the phone, determine the coordinates, see all the contacts recorded in the phone book, remotely set the phone to vibrate, open the browser, send a text message, use the camera and receive all the information about calls.

7. Reptilicus

The best phone hack app. Works on the basis of Android. Installed on the target device. Conducts covert surveillance and automatically forwards information. It has a huge functionality, which includes all the above functions of other applications. The only thing is that it will not be able to turn on the camera for online surveillance. But it will allow you to take photos from both the front and the main camera.

After hacking your Android phone, you will have access to:

  • Coordinates
  • Route
  • Call Recording
  • Call History
  • Correspondence (more than 10 social networks and instant messengers)
  • Voice messages
  • Photos
  • Contacts
  • Installed apps
  • Notifications
  • All keystrokes
  • Screenshots
  • Turning on the camera to take photos
  • Turning on the microphone for recording
  • And much more

You need to pick up the phone once and install the application there. This will take approximately 15 minutes.


1. Is it possible to hack a phone by number? – Yes, you can. To do this, there are hacker applications that do not need to be installed on the phone, but you can send an SMS.

2. How to hack a person by phone number if the phone is iPhone? – You need to install a spy app on your phone (for example, Cocospy), and when you connect it, you need to specify the iCloud settings there – the username and password of the iCloud account of the owner of this iPhone.

3. How to hack a phone without knowing the number? – You need to pick up this phone and quickly install a spy application there (for example, Reptilicus), and then you will not need to know any numbers, logins, or any other information about this phone. But everything that a person does on this phone will become available to you immediately after installation.

4. How to quietly hack a person by phone number? – It is necessary to hide the icon (icon) from the desktop after installing the program. And the application works quietly, in a hidden mode, without showing itself in any way.

5. How to protect your phone from being hacked? – You should always know where your phone is. If you give it, then be present and observe who and what is doing on your phone. Periodically go through the antivirus. Never follow unknown links.


So, how to hack a phone number? To do this, there are completely different programs with completely different functionality and completely different installation (installations). But the essence remains the same – hacking a phone is not as difficult as it seems. Especially since now, there are legal, open-to-all-comers spyware, which have a simple installation. But we should never forget that hacking a phone is an illegal act, which can be followed by a very real punishment.

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