How To Hack Google Meet On Your PC [2023]


how to hack google meet

Wondering how to hack google meet? Get your solution in this article. Google Meet was originally a video conferencing solution for organizations using Google Workspace (hereinafter referred to as GWS) and is now one of the most popular productivity meeting tools for active GWS users and anyone with or without a Google account. It’s the perfect free solution for anyone with an email address and Internet access to get a modern, scalable, stable, and secure way to host virtual meetings anywhere, anytime.

Google is actively integrating Meet into other applications such as Gmail, Chat, Classroom, Calendar, and Slides, releasing regular product updates that enhance the functionality of its services. “Collaboration” between GWS applications provides a wide range of collaboration options for users using Google tools. In this blog, we will dive into how to connect to Google Meet from various GWS tools to tell you all the convenient ways to join your meetings at lightning speed.

How to create a meeting on Google Meet

how to hack google meet

If you’ve ever wondered how to log into Google Meet (Google Meet) and create a meeting to invite your colleagues or clients, here’s your answer. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. You should go to, select Google Meet from all GWS tools in the right corner, or just open the Google Meet app on your device.
  2. Sign in to any of your Google accounts, or create a new one if you don’t have one.
  3. Click the “Join or start a meeting” button. Here you also have the option to create an appointment for the future if you want to share the appointment code with your guests in advance or schedule an appointment in Google Calendar, which will allow you to schedule an appointment, schedule an appointment, and set up notifications.
  4. As soon as you choose the most convenient method for your case, you will immediately receive a Google Meet code to join your virtual meeting.

Now that you know how to create a meeting using Google Meet, let’s take a look at seven ways to access video meetings created by other users.

1. How to access Google Meet without a Google account

Most people make the mistake of thinking that Google Meet can only be accessed by a user with an active Google account. Without it, you can also join the meeting either with a Meet code or a link.

To join meetings with a code, go to the Google Meet website, enter the code in the text field, and click the “Join” button. If you have a meeting link, click on it, enter your name, and join it. We hope it became clearer to you how to join Google Meet via the link. Note that if you don’t have a Google account, you can quickly join Google Meet, but you can’t create a meeting yourself.

2. How to access Google Meet through Google Calendar

When you create a new event using Google Calendar in the browser or calendar apps on Android or iOS, you can add a Google Meet video conference.

In Chrome on your desktop, go to, sign in, and select “+ New” to create a new event. Select “Add Google Meet Video Conferencing”, then add other details about the event or select “More Options”, then enter the details and click “Save”.

In the Google Calendar app on mobile devices, click the + button -> Event -> Add Video Conference -> Add event details and click Save. That’s all. Every guest invited to this event can quickly access your Google Meet video conference. And even more, you can send this link to anyone outside of your company or to people who don’t have a Google account; they will all be able to quickly join your meeting.

3. How to access Google Meet via Gmail

Sometimes it is better to discuss some issues than to continue to exchange emails. The great thing is that Gmail includes access to Meet in the web browser and mobile app. So, if you want to jump straight into meetings while writing an email, you know what to do. Click the Meet icon in the left corner of Gmail and you’ll see that all of your scheduled meetings are automatically synced to your Calendar. You can also create a new meeting from here, or join one that is not on the calendar from the link by clicking “Join the meeting”.

4. How to access Google Meet via Google Chat

In Google Chat, you can add a video conference that gives everyone in the room, or your chat partner, access to a Meet link. Select a person or room in the chat (on the left). Then click on the Google Meet icon to add a video conference. Click the “Send” icon (triangle pointing to the right) to share your chat message. Done.

5. How to access Google Meet through Google Slides

Google Slides is a great presentation collaboration tool that’s easy to access, share, and manage for everyone involved. To access Google Meet through Presentations, just go to your presentation, click on the Meet icon in the top right corner, and now you can see all the meetings you have, with the ability to log into them in one click, just like with Gmail.

Using Google Meet and Presentation in tandem will also help you present your slides directly to any active Google Meet meeting. All you need to do is enter the meeting -> Open the presentation you want to show -> click on the “Present now” -> Tab -> select the presentation -> click on “Share” (“Share”). Voilà, you can now show your slides right in the meeting.

Note that you can only control your Google Meet presentation when you’re in slideshow mode, which can be activated by clicking the “Start slideshow” button right above the menu in your Meet. This is a great way to present speaker slides during a webinar without additional switching between tabs. Read more recommendations for hosting webinars on Google Meet on our blog.

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6. How to access Google Meet through Google Classroom

A teacher or anyone who created a class using Google Classroom can create one reusable Google Meet link. The link will only work for students after the teacher logs into the Meet session.

As a teacher, you must first create your class in Google Classroom, then select “Generate a link” on the main screen of your class.

You can also select “Visible” for students and save a link to the meeting. If necessary, you can also reset the link. This can also be done in the “Settings” section.
As a student, you must go to Google Classroom, select the class you want to join, and click “Join” in the left corner.

7. How to access Google Meet via Jamboard

And finally, if you have a Google Jamboard, an interactive whiteboard developed by Google, you can connect it to your Google Meets, allowing your team to draw and discuss together. However, the GWS administrator must first configure and enable this feature. Learn more about Jamboard’s collaboration features for your team in our blog post  6 Ways to Improve Your Google Jamboard Meetings.

So, how to join Google Meet via Jamboard? Here are the next steps:

  1. Turn on your Jamboard and check your internet connection.
  2. Select Google Meet in the top right corner of the home screen.
  3. Click on your Google Meet.
  4. Join all meetings, which are also synchronized with your Calendar.

Note. Even if you don’t have access to the Jamboard hardware, you can use Meet’s presentation feature to share a Chrome tab open for the Jamboard app in your browser.

Not only does Google allow you to start Meet sessions from Android, iOS, or Chrome, but it also allows you to access Meet from other apps such as Zoom Room devices, Cisco Webex devices, and third-party devices using Pexip.

There are also a number of different Google Meet extensions that allow you to pre-configure Google Meet settings in the most convenient way for you to participate in meetings, such as muting the microphone, automatically joining, turning on reactions or the subtitle bar, or closing various pop-ups.

As we can see, there are many ways to access Google Meet as mentioned above, confirming that Meet video conferencing will continue to be an important Google application for many years to come. You can even access a meeting without an Internet connection using the Dial-In method.

Please note. If you are using an organizational account, your GWS administrators can control or restrict some settings for the listed tool applications. If you are unable to access the required features, please contact your GWS Administrator.

Cloudresh is a Google Cloud Premier Partner, we are excited to help our clients get the most out of innovative cloud solutions. Our GWS experts are happy to help you set up your GWS environment and train your administrators to effectively manage and control your business workspace. If you would like to learn more about GWS products, please visit our Google Workspace page.

Let’s enhance your day-to-day workflows with the many opportunities that Google Workspace offers us every day, and keep up with the latest features to achieve your business goals more efficiently!

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