How To Get Google Voice Number In Nigeria For PC [2023]


how to get google voice number in nigeria

Learn how to get Google Voice number in Nigeria using this simple procedure. [Quick Guide]
Google Voice is now only available to US users. What if you are outside the US? This article will show you how to get a Google Voice number outside of the US

People are more likely to make phone and video calls over an internet connection. Some technology companies have developed their own instant calling services, (Apple’s Facetime). Apart from Facetime, another new way to make calls and send messages is to use Google Voice.

Google Voice is a phone service that allows you to make phone calls, send text messages, and send voice messages over the Internet. It gives you a virtual phone number that can be used on multiple phones and laptops. A virtual phone number is required to receive calls from customers all over the world, no matter where their offices are located.

How to get Google Voice number in Nigeria

how to get google voice number in nigeria

However, Google Voice is only free for users in the US. For people who live outside the US, you can get a Google Voice number for free using a US phone number and a VPN service. And that’s the purpose of this article, to tell you how to get a Google Voice number outside of the US.

How to get a google voice number

If you are new to Google Voice, you must know how to get a Google Voice number. You can use Google Voice on both computers and smartphones. Supported operating systems include Chrome OS, macOS, Windows, and iOS. You can sign up for Google Voice and get a number from both their website and app. Here, we will take a website as an example to tell you how to get a Google Voice phone number.

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Sign in to your Google account.

Step 3. Google will then show you the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy pop-up, read them, and click Continue.

Step 4. Now you can search for available rooms by city or region code. If numbers are not available in your area, try a nearby city or area code.

Step 5. Next to the desired number, press Select to continue.

Step 6.  Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your Google Voice number registration.

Even though Google Voice is a very popular everyday communication tool, many users still report various problems with it. The following are some common issues that users may encounter during use.

1. Can’t access Google Voice account

This error may occur if you are having problems connecting to the Internet while using Google Voice. Another problem may arise when you try to store more than one Google Voice number on your phone.

If you are a business user, you will run into this account issue if your team admin forgets to assign you a Google Voice number.

2. Limited phone call services

As mentioned above, if you only have a free Google Voice account, you can only make phone calls and send text messages in the US. If you want to make international calls, you must first purchase calling credits. The Google Voice help text also states that voice calls are not available in locations such as Crimea, Cuba, India, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria.

Here we have mentioned two problems with Google Voice, but people from different regions and countries may experience different difficulties. If you’re having trouble using the Google Voice service with UAE VPN, you can first go to the Google Voice Help Center and see if the suggested steps help resolve the issue.

How to get a Google voice number outside the US with iTop VPN

One of the typical reasons you can’t freely use Google Voice is because you’re outside of the US. As long as you can set up your location on the map so that Google Voice “thinks” you’re back in the US, you can get a Google Voice number outside of the US.

The tool we recommend here is the free VPN tool iTop VPN. The setup process is easy and simple. Follow the guide below and you will be able to make free calls with your Google Voice number.

* You can use iTop VPN on both computers and smartphones. Here we take only the use of iTop VPN on a computer as an example.

Step 1 . Follow this link: How to get a US phone number.

Step 2. Download Express Talk VoIP Softphone, a tool that allows you to make voice calls to your computer.

Step 3 Activate your phone number with Express Talk. You can find the manual in this link from Step 1.

Step 4 Use a VPN service to change your location to the US, here you can download iTop VPN.

Step 5 Launch iTop VPN (Russian version) and go to the “All servers” tab on the left.

Step 6 Select a free US location server and click the “Connect” button.

Step 7 Now you can see that you have successfully connected to the US server.

Step 8 Follow the instructions from the previous part to get a Google Voice number. Don’t forget to enter the number that just activated your free unlimited VPN.

Step 9 Google will send a verification code to your Express Talk phone number. Open it to get the code.

Step 10 After completing the verification process, you will receive confirmation that your number has been successfully added to your Google Voice account.

Why do we choose iTop VPN?
Now you have an idea of ​​what iTop VPN is and what you can use it for. However, in order to better understand iTop VPN and its features, here are a few key points worth knowing.

Key features of iTop VPN and its free version:

Free VPN for Windows, Mac OS, iOS
Connect up to 5 devices at the same time
Over 1800 VPN servers in 100 locations
Dedicated servers for streaming, games

Easy and Simple: It only takes three steps to connect to VPN with iTop VPN, without a complicated setup process. Even if you are a beginner, you will be able to connect to a VPN in 5 minutes.

Stay undisclosed and anonymous: With its military-grade encryption technology, iTop VPN promises you that all your data and activities will be encrypted and your IP address will be hidden so you can remain anonymous online.

Geo-spoofing and location masking: iTop VPN provides you with global proxy servers so you can change your location anywhere you want, not just in the US.

Security Widgets: iTop VPN also provides other security features. Once connected to a VPN, iTop VPN can help you block harmful and unwanted ads. Its privacy protection tools include Security Reinforce (scanning for weaknesses in your system) and Browser Privacy (eliminating privacy security threats).

Game Acceleration: iTop VPN also takes care of the gaming experience of the users. When you play games while connected to a VPN, iTop VPN reduces ping time to prevent delays.

Best VPN for Gaming – iTop VPN
Lightning speed for lag-free gaming
Dedicated servers for games with low ping
Available on Windows, Mac, iOS
Strict no-logs policy and strong encryption


If you want to know how to get Google Voice number in Nigeria, iTop VPN is the best and easiest free tool to help you change your location and get a number. With iTop VPN, you can freely use various network services, bypassing geographic boundaries as much as possible, without worrying about the leakage of confidential information. It is available for Windows, Mac, and iOS users. Don’t hesitate and download iTop VPN to make free Google Voice calls now!

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