How To Erase Background In Photo On iPhone [2023]


This post gives a guide on how to erase background in photo on iPhone. Today, the field of mobile photography is developing at an unprecedented pace. The capabilities of cameras are improving and improving, including through software tools. There are also applications that can easily implement certain tasks, for example, automatically removing the background in a photo right on the iPhone.

In this article, we will talk about the French startup PhotoRoom, which specializes in the development of mobile software for removing and editing backgrounds.

Company co-founder and CEO Mathieu Ruif says:

“The idea for this project came about while I was working at GoPro. I often needed to manually remove the background from images. And when the designer wasn’t in the office, I spent a lot of time doing it by hand.”

It turned out that many people were looking for a simple application that would allow them to quickly edit a photo from the gallery and work with it further.

How do I remove the background (make white) from a photo in the PhotoRoom app on iPhone or iPad?

1. Download the PhotoRoom application (link at the end of the article).

2. Open the app and click the “Select Photo” button to select a photo.

3. PhotoRoom recognizes the main object in the photo (it can be not only a person but also an object) and removes the background with high quality. PhotoRoom uses machine learning models to identify objects in a photo. And the vision of the project as a whole goes beyond just removing the background. Click Confirm.

4. A screen will appear asking you to buy a subscription to use the app. If you are not confused by the inscription indicating the name of the application on the results obtained, click the cross in the upper right corner – the application can be used absolutely free.

5. Select (if necessary) a suitable template from the list of suggested ones.

6. Add an inscription, another photo, animation effects, apply filters or use color correction tools. While the app relies heavily on templates, you can customize the images by adding objects, moving them around, adding some shadows, and editing elements individually. Image composition is 100% up to the user.

7. Once you’ve finished setting up your photo, you can save it to your device, open it in another app, or share it on social media.

The PhotoRoom app will appeal to all selfie lovers, and will also prove to be very useful for people who sell clothes and other items on e-commerce sites.

How to remove background from photo in PhotoRoom app on iPhone or iPad?

And if you are a professional who uses the program regularly, you can purchase a subscription. It costs 499 rubles a month or 2,850 rubles a year. An in-app purchase will remove the watermark and unlock additional features.

Like VSCO, Darkroom, PicsArt, Filmic Pro, and Halide, PhotoRoom belongs to a group of prosumer apps that edit photos and videos in a variety of ways. A generation of users who grew up using visual social media tools are now pushing the boundaries of these apps – they look simple when you first use them, but also offer a ton of power when you get to know them better. Such applications prove that smartphones can be great computers, not a tool for content consumption.

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