How To Check Traffic Fines In Bangalore On Windows PC 32 and 64 Bit [2023]

Bangalore Traffic Check Download

Having a look on how to check traffic fines in Bangalore.


Launch this app called Bangalore Traffic Fine Check or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it with our online Android emulator. This app will help you how to check traffic fines in Bangalore.

Bejaan Traffic – The best Bangalore traffic ticket checker app with photos and a simple user interface.

A simple application to check traffic tickets in Bangalore for FREE.

Newly Launched Feature: Check traffic tickets in Bangalore with photo proof.

This application checks fines for any vehicle in Bangalore that has a KA registration number.

How to use:
1. Download the free Bejaan Traffic Bangalore traffic fine checker app
2. Enter your vehicle registration number
3. View the list of violations by clicking the “Submit” button.
4. Optionally, if photos of digital violations are available, you can also view photos of violations.

Buying a used car?
Use this app to quickly check all violations on a vehicle. Gain confidence by checking all previous traffic violations on the vehicle.

How to check traffic fines in Bangalore with details? – Bangalore Traffic Police Penalty Check
Bejaan Traffic app will help you list all traffic violations for a given car/bike or any vehicle that has a Karnataka state registration number.

Below are the steps you can follow to check your vehicle fines in Bangalore.
1. Download the simple Bejaan Traffic app from the Play Store for free.
2. Enter your vehicle number in the corresponding text field.
3. Instantly get your car status in Bangalore.

The traffic ticket checker app shows you all the details about your car’s pending tolls. Bejaan Traffic now also displays photos of evidence of violations.

You can consider Bejaan Traffic as an unofficial Bangalore traffic app.

If you are looking for an application on how to check traffic fines in Bangalore with a photo, then you have come to the right place.

If you need to check traffic tickets in Bangalore, the Bejaan traffic ticket checker app will give you results instantly. All these results are obtained directly from Bangalore’s official traffic servers.

What is the “Bejaan Traffic Bangalore traffic ticket check app”?
The Bejaan Traffic – Bangalore Traffic app is a simple service that you can use to check fines and fine details of all vehicle violations. If there are any.

It communicates directly with Bangalore traffic servers to get all traffic violations in Bangalore in a simple, fast, and secure application.

It currently supports displaying traffic fines in Bangalore with details. There are even more opportunities ahead.

Also, only this version of Android is currently available. We will soon release an iOS app for checking traffic tickets in Bangalore. Stay tuned.

Disclaimer :
This is not a traffic police app. We have nothing to do with the Bangalore traffic police.

Run or download Bangalore Traffic Fine Check using our online Android emulator from

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