How To Change Screen Lock Password Free [2023]


how to change screen lock password

How to change screen lock password? Android Device Manager – Android Device Manager is the official application of Android de Google. With it, we can change the screen lock password of our phone or tablet. This is among other actions if we have forgotten it or changed it by mistake and we do not know it.

It is also useful to remotely lock the device if we do not want it to be used. Either because it was stolen or we don’t know where it is. In this way, we can prevent someone unknown from seeing our information on the phone.

How to unlock an Android tablet or phone by changing the lock password

Android devise Manager locks and unlock our Android

We will be able to restore the normal use of our device without having to do the dreadful Hard Reset or Factory Reset, which erases all data, photos, videos, contacts, and documents on the phone.

In the video, we detail the steps you need to follow to change your password and use your tablet or phone normally again without using a factory reset.

In order to successfully complete this procedure, you will need:

  • 2 Android devices set up with the same Gmail account
  • Android remote control
  • Internet connection either Wi-Fi or mobile internet

With these three requirements, it is now possible to change the screen lock password. We will also be able to remotely wipe the device, as well as activate the sound of the device of our choice in order to find it if we have lost it at home, at work, or elsewhere.


The methods illustrated above are useful while changing the lock screen password. Make sure to follow the steps keenly on how to change screen lock password.

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