how to change font style in samsung for free

Samsung has traditionally allowed the user to change the font of their firmware system without adding fonts from third-party sources. You will learn how to change font style in Samsung for free. Yes, you can download or purchase fonts from the Galaxy Store, but you can do it easier and use the system fonts. How to do it? Now you will see for yourself.


how to change font style in samsung for free

We go to “Settings”.

Open the “Display” section.

Tap on the line “Font size and style.”

Here we see several points. The first will allow you to change the size of the current font – increase or decrease. Move the slider and immediately see how the font size changes – very convenient.

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The font itself is changed in the Font Style section.

List of fonts. We select one of the presented fonts to choose from, simply by checking the box next to the desired one, for example:

Then we immediately see the effect.

Video instruction

Please note that the font can be made bold by moving the switch opposite the item of the same name.