How To Blur Video In Capcut On Both iOS And Android [2023]

Step-by-step guide on how to blur video in Capcut

Developed by TikTok’s development team, ByteDance, CapCut is available for free on both iOS and Android. The app offers basic to moderate editing features like adding color filters, stabilization, masks, chrome key, soundtracks, and background change among them how to blur video in Capcut and more, but the app’s most popular features are the 3D zoom effect and green screen.

If you are looking for a way to blur video on CapCut, you can be sure that it can be done by following the steps given below. But before you move on to adding a blur effect to a video, make sure you have the Captcut app installed through the App Store or the Google Play Store.

Now that that’s over, let’s get started on how to blur video in Capcut.

Blur the entire video on CapCut

If you want to learn how to blur video in Capcut about the entire content of a video, CapCut lets you do just that. Keep in mind that blurring the entire video will affect all parts and objects of the video throughout the entire video.

To do this;

  1. Open the CapCut app on iOS or Android and tap the “New Project” option on the main screen of the app.
  2. On the next screen, select the video you want to edit and add a blur effect to it.
  3. Once you have selected the video you want to edit, click the “Add” button in the bottom right corner.
  4. The selected video will be added to the new CapCut project. On this screen, click the Effects tab on the bottom toolbar.
  5. An additional menu will appear at the bottom of the screen. By default, you will be shown all the effects available in the Trends tab at the top. Scroll through these tabs and find the “Basic” category.
  6. On the Basic tab, scroll down, select the Blur effect, and if you’re happy with the look of the blur, click the checkmark.
  7. You will now return to the project timeline inside CapCut where you can see the blur effect applied to your video.

By default, the blur effect will only be applied to part of your video. To extend the effect to the entire duration of the video, click on the “Blur” bar marked in purple here, drag the end pointer, and place it at the end of the video. This will ensure that your entire video is blurred.

When the blur effect and your main video have the same end time, it will look like this. You can then save your video by following the instructions in the last section.

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Blurring part of the video on CapCut

If you only want to blur certain parts of the video, such as the face, the following set of steps should help you with that. To do this, first, add the video you want to blur. You can do this by creating a new project in the CapCut application. The procedure is still the same as the procedure on how to blur video in capcut.

Now select the video you want to edit and click the “Add” button on the bottom right corner.

When a video is added to a new CapCut project, click the Overlay tab at the bottom.

On the next screen, click on the “Add Overlay” option.

Select the same video you added first as the overlay.

The overlay video will now appear on top of your main video.

Use your fingers to pinch and drag the overlay video and place it directly above the main video. This is necessary when learning how to blur video in capcut because for some reason CapCut overlays the second video inside the bounds of the main video. You need to make sure that the borders of the first and second videos are perfectly aligned.

Once you’ve aligned the second video on top of the first, click on the left arrow icon in the bottom left corner.

You will be taken to the main toolbar at the bottom. The next step is to apply the blur effect to the entire video, just like you did in the previous section. To do this, click on the “Effects” option at the bottom.

Then go to the “Basic” category when the “Effects” menu appears and select the “Blur” effect. When you’re done choosing an effect, click on the checkmark icon.

You should see the blur effect applied to your video.

For some reason, CapCut doesn’t apply the effect to the entire length of the video. But you can expand it to cover the entire video by dragging the end pointer and leaving it at the end of your video.

When you’ve done that, select the “Blur” bar, marked purple here, and then click the “Object” tab at the bottom.

You will need to choose where you want to place the blur effect. In the menu that appears, select the Overlay tile and click on the checkmark.

Now return to the main project timeline by clicking the left arrow icon in the bottom left corner.

On the project time screen, click the Overlay tab again.

On the overlay screen, click on the second video you added earlier as an overlay. Swipe down from the bottom toolbar and select the Mask tool.

From here you can choose different shapes for the blur effect. If you are trying to blur a face in a video, we suggest that you select the “Circle” option on the screen. However, you can choose any shape for the blur effect, depending on what you want to blur.

Before clicking on the checkmark, place the blur at the desired position and resize it using the arrows at the top and right. You can also adjust the intensity of the blur by dragging the downward arrow up and down to the desired setting.

Once you’ve set up the blur mask, click on the checkmark at the bottom to apply it.

Now you can leave the blur effect if the blurred object is still. But since this is video and objects are often moving, you might want to consider blurring the object as it moves. To achieve this, we’ll use keyframes to move the blur mask to different positions as the object moves.

To do this, view the video while it is playing and check when the object goes out of the blur area. When it does, find the desired location and click the keyframe icon next to the play button.

When you do this, CapCut will mark the location with a diamond icon. When this icon is red, it means you have selected it. With the keyframe selected, click on the “Mask” option on the bottom toolbar.

Then change the position or shape of the blur mask as you wish.

Now click on the checkmark at the bottom.

You can add as many keyframes as you want to your video, as long as they are needed. When you add multiple keyframes, you should see several diamond-shaped icons in the search bar, as in the screenshot below.

As the video transitions from one keyframe to the next, the blur mask gradually changes position and shape so that the quality of the video does not change.

That’s all. You can continue exporting and saving the video to your library by following the instructions we explained in the last section.

Blurring the sides of a video on CapCut

Often you have come across a situation where you needed to upload a video with a certain aspect ratio when the video itself has a different aspect ratio. CapCut allows you to expand your video to a variety of formats, as well as add a blur effect to sides that would otherwise be blank.

To add blurry sides to your video, create a new project in the CapCut app.

Now select the video you want to edit and click the “Add” button on the bottom right corner.

When a video is added to a new CapCut project, click the Format tab at the bottom. You will see the Format tab by swiping left on the bottom toolbar.

Then select the desired aspect ratio. You can choose anything from 9:16, 16:9, 1:1, 4:3, 2:1, and more.

Once you have chosen the format, select the “Canvas” tab at the bottom.

On the canvas screen, click on the “Blur” option.

Then select the blur effect you want to apply to the sides of your video and then click on the checkmark icon in the bottom right corner.

You should now see a video preview at the top showing your video with blurry effects applied to the top and bottom sides. Depending on the format you choose, the blur effect will be applied to sides that would otherwise be black.

The blurry video is now ready to be saved. Read the section below to learn how to export your edited video to CapCut still about how to blur video in capcut.

How to save edited video in CapCut

Once you’ve blurred the video the way you wanted, you can go straight to saving the video. But before you do that, you need to take care of one more important step. Exporting a video from CapCut will result in the CapCut logo being displayed at the very end of the clip. Lucky for you, CapCut allows you to remove that part of the video if you want to remove it.

You can remove an ending part from an edited video by going to the end of your video, selecting the part of the Outro that plays the CapCut logo, and then click the Delete button in the bottom right corner.

Once that’s sorted, click on the “Export” icon in the top right corner of the screen, denoted by an upward-pointing arrow above the dash.

You should now see an additional menu prompting you to select your desired video resolution and frame rate. For the best video quality, we recommend that you choose 1080p resolution and 60fps frame rate. If you don’t want to save the video at the highest quality, you can decrease any of these options, which will also reduce the file size of your video. Once you’ve chosen your preferred video settings, click the “Export” button at the bottom to save the video to your library.

CapCut is now exporting your video and once that’s done you should see the message “Saved on the device and in your projects”. On the next screen, you will be prompted to share the video directly to TikTok, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and other apps.

That’s all we have for how to blur video in capcut.

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