DRP 17 ISO Free Download uTorrent 32 & 64-bit For Windows PC [2023]

Detailed Description

DRP 17 ISO is a free program that allows you to automate the process of installing, updating, and searching for drivers in the Windows operating system environment. DriverPack Solution automatically recognizes the type of hardware and finds and installs the required driver from its own periodically updated database. DriverPack Solution is suitable for both 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Windows operating systems.

With DriverPack Solution, you can not only install but also update drivers, as well as reinstall them. The program also monitors and diagnoses the main components of the hardware of a computer or laptop, such as a hard drive, processor, and RAM. In addition, it is possible to install not only drivers but also other necessary software.

Often, in order to find a particular driver, we spend quite a lot of time searching, which is especially true for 64-bit versions of drivers. Imagine this scenario: we just reinstalled Windows and then, logically, we need to install drivers, since many components of your computer will not work without drivers or will, but not correctly. And the easiest solution in this situation would be to simply find and download them from the Internet. But here’s the paradox, since we just installed Windows and didn’t install the drivers, we won’t be able to access the Internet either, because for this we need to download and install the driver for the network card.

Where can I get drivers if there is no way to download drivers from the Internet?

Here, DRP 17 ISO will help us a lot because using the full Full or DVD version of this product, you can install almost any necessary driver even without an Internet connection, which is possible due to the offline database of drivers available in DriverPack Solution for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems, including drivers for Windows 10.

By the way, in addition to the Full (DVD) version, which takes up more than 25 GB of free disk space, there is also a Lite (Online) version of less than 10 MB in size. The difference between the Lite version is the absence of an offline driver database, all drivers are downloaded via an Internet connection, hence the noticeable difference in the size of the Light and Full versions of DriverPack Solution. In addition, the program, or rather, the manager for automating the processes of working with drivers DriverPack Solution, has a friendly design.

Installing DRP 17 ISO

Please note that the new version of DRP 17 ISO is distributed by the developer in the following versions: Online, Network, and Offline.

  • Offline – includes a complete database of drivers (size over 25 GB). The full DRP 17 ISO image of the current Full version is available for download via the direct link below (torrent file);
  • Network – drivers for network cards and equipment (zip-archive, size from 350 to 650 MB);
  • Online – the most up-to-date database, an Internet connection is required (file size less than 3 MB).

Version: DriverPack Solution 17.10.14

Size: depends on the version

Operating system: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

Language: Russian

Release date: October 12, 2020

Program status: Free

Developer: Artur Kuzyakov

Official site: drp.su

Rating: Stars: 1Stars: 2Stars: 3Stars: 4Stars: 5572 ratings, average: 3.83 out of 5)

DRP 17 ISO Free Download

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