Download Free DriverPack Solution ISO 32 & 64-bit For Windows PC [2023]


DriverPack Solution ISO is a free program for working with drivers on devices with the Windows operating system. It allows the user to automatically detect the necessary drivers, and download and install them. The program has a clear interface, which makes working with it accessible to ordinary users.

DriverPack has a huge database of drivers for Windows computers organized by category for a particular type of hardware. In addition, the program has the means to create a detailed report on the state of the computer – its hardware and software.

DriverPack Solution ISO exists in two versions – Online and Full. The online version does not contain a built-in driver database and only downloads the ones you need for your PC. For permanent use, it is recommended to download the full version of the program, but keep in mind that its size is several tens of gigabytes.

When DriverPack Solution is launched, it is greeted by an Assistant that finds all the necessary drivers for your PC and installs them automatically. If you agree to this, you will have additional partner software installed that you most likely do not need. Expert mode will help to avoid this. To switch to this mode, click the Switch to Expert Mode button at the bottom of the window. Then open the “Soft” and “Protection and cleaning” sections and turn off the installation of unnecessary software products.

Benefits of DriverPack Solution ISO

  • Automatic selection of appropriate drivers;
  • installing, reinstalling, and updating drivers;
  • diagnostics of the state of the computer hardware;
  • assistant and expert mode;
  • simple and clear interface.


  • Aggressive imposition of affiliate software;
  • slow loading of drivers;
  • some antiviruses detect DriverPack as malware.


DriverPack Solution is recommended for anyone who wants to quickly find and install all the necessary drivers for a Windows PC. That being said, when using DriverPack, you should be careful and be careful not to install unnecessary software. Therefore, we advise you to use the program in expert mode.

Driver Pack Solution Installation

Some antiviruses define this software as harmful, so we recommend disabling security tools during the download and installation of DriverPack. The installation itself does not differ in features – just follow the instructions of the installer.

Changes in the latest version

  • Updated driver database
Updated: 2022-04-11
Windows Version : XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11
English language: Present

Download Free DriverPack Solution ISO

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