Download Acronis True Image Windows XP For Free [2023]

Backup and restore images of files and system drives

With Acronis True Image Windows XP you can create a full disk image of your operating system, applications, user data and settings and back up all your Outlook data (email, contacts, tasks). When creating a backup, you can select or exclude files according to their extension. Acronis True Image also allows you to back up settings for specific applications.

The detailed wizard interface in Acronis True Image makes the entire backup process quite simple. If you already have a backup file of all your data, Acronis True Image can create a differential file and update your backup with all the latest changes instead of creating a new file from scratch. The Snap Restore feature will allow you to use your system while it is being restored.

Acronis True Image Windows XP also introduces the “Safe Zone” feature where you can create a secure partition on your hard drive and keep reasonable information and backups. The “Security Zone” can be changed at will to accommodate more files.

Let’s move on to the recovery features in Acronis True Image. Creating a bootable media ensures that you have an external solution to restart your PC in the event of a major failure.

This process is as simple as working with backup tools. You can create a safe version or a full version (twice as large as the safe version), but it’s probably best to create both. Acronis offers many options for bootable media such as FTP, CDR or DVD. You can clone multiple hard drives and add more partitions to make more space on your PC.

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If your operating system crashes, easily boot up and start the recovery process by simply pressing F11.

Naturally, Acronis True Image comes with a scheduling feature that automatically handles these tasks for you. It also offers password protection for your files and folders. Acronis True Image will log every action you take, making it easy to check the last time you backed up or what files you saved.

In general, we were impressed by the speed, simplicity, and choice of actions present in Acronis True Image Windows XP. The only downside to this was the lengthy installation process and the inability to handle multiple tasks at the same time.

Restoring to Dissimilar Hardware with Acronis True Image Echo Universal Restore | Knowledge Base


  • Helpful Master
  • Fast, detailed process
  • Repair your computer and OS immediately
  • Back up Outlook data and media files
  • Create bootable recovery CDs
  • Creating and resizing a Secure Zone on your PC


  • Lengthy installation process
  • Doesn’t handle multiple tasks

Download Acronis True Image Windows XP

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